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Thank you for choosing The Windham County Kennel Club's Breeder Directory.  Please take the time to review the following disclaimer before you contact any listed breeder:

By listing these WCKC breeders the Club does not endorse or recommend any breeder, nor does it guarantee the puppies or the service of any breeder.  The listing of Club member/breeders is designed for the convenience of prospective owners to locate a puppy, a grown dog, a rescue dog, or for those seeking stud service or breed information.  Since the Club makes no recommendation, it is advised that a potential buyer contact and visit several breeders in order to develop a frame of reference.  As you interview a breeder, look for a person dedicated to the improvement of the breed, who only breeds when they feel they can make improvements in their already show-quality breeding stock and someone who does not produce puppies for profit.  Be advised that anyone listed has agreed to abide by the Club's by-laws and Code of Ethics, and the regulation of The American Kennel Club.  ANYONE WHO DEVIATES FROM THE CODE OF ETHICS SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

Belgium Tervuren.............Mrs.Edeltraud Laurin.........referral.........860-429-4071

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